Larry Garner & Michael van Merwyk


Upclose & Personal

The paths of these fine Bluesmen & Songwriters crossed several times over the last 18 years after they first met at the legendary Roadhouse in Michaels hometown Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany. Now they decided to team up with just two guitars and melt their highly individual styles and songwriting to a soulfull and entertaining Downhome Blues Programm – Louisiana meets Europe.

Larry Garner is one of the finest songwriters on the scene today and needs no introduction. Michael van Merwyk is a new name on the international blues scene. After raising a large family and playing local gigs for almost 30 years, he hit the scene three years ago. Since then he amongst others played hundreds of concerts all over the world, released 5 CDs and placed 2nd at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis (the largest gathering of blues musicians in the world) as the first european Band to ever reach the finals in the 30 year history of the challenge.

The idea behind the live-in-the-studio-recording was to bring the music, the songs and the stories closer to the people by inviting a small local crowd into a studio way back in the country and record this special evening under good recording circumstances. Straight acoustic, strictly live, no overdubs, just an olschool recording to capture the vibes of this intimate setting that felt almost like a living room concert – upclose & personal.

Both songwriters ad several of their songs from their catalogue to this acoustic project that puts focus on the stories and the art of songwriting. Played directly to the audience with acoustic guitars, a weissenborn and two voices, Larry and Michael are accompanied by their good friend Jochen Bens on electric bass and percussion to keep up a good groove.

Upclose & Personal is a snapshot of a great evening with friends and music lovers and the closest thing you can get to a personal concert in your own living room.


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